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Installation method of film-supporting wire-type greenhouse insect-proof net - camouflage shade netting acting

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The use of insect screens should not only pay attention to the selection of specifications, but also pay attention to the installation details. What is the installation method of the membrane-supported greenhouse insect screen?


1. When installing the anti-insect net in a greenhouse, the bottom edge must be firmly pressed, and soil or stones should be pressed tightly along the edge of the anti-insect net in order to block the passage of pests and make it a barrier. In normal life, we should also pay great attention to whether the insect screen is tight. After entering the shed, the seams should be pressed tightly to prevent small flying insects from entering by the opportunity. The seams are compacted.


2. The pillars are installed firmly: the pillars of the insect-proof net should be made of strong materials, such as steel pipes, solid wood, concrete pillars, bamboo poles, etc. This is because the insect-proof net covers a large area, and it is easy to be pulled in rain, snow, and windy weather. At this time, the pillars may collapse and cause losses if they are not strong.


3. Leveling: In order to prevent the anti-insect net from sagging, iron wires should be connected between the pillars, and the anti-insect net should be placed on the iron wires, so that you are not afraid of rain.


camouflage shade netting acting


4. Take protective measures: The anti-insect net of the greenhouse is made of polyethylene, which is easy to wear. When installing the anti-insect net, pay attention to wrap and protect the anti-insect net and the fixed place to prevent long-term friction, breaking, or scratching, which will affect the anti-insect effect.


In summer, the upper and lower air outlets of the greenhouse can be opened to the maximum. Now that the straw curtain on the greenhouse has been removed, the air outlet on the top of the greenhouse can be opened to the maximum, that is, the air outlet film can be directly supported to the south edge of the rear slope of the greenhouse, so that after the air outlet is enlarged, the high temperature air in the greenhouse can be accelerated的出。 The discharge. For the air outlet on the front face of the greenhouse, the vegetable grower can directly support the film to the laminated steel wire on the front face of the greenhouse, and increase the amount of cold air entering the shed by increasing the vent to accelerate the air flow and reduce the temperature of the shed.


Precautions for installation of anti-insect nets in greenhouses


Insect nets are usually installed at the air inlet and exhaust vents. In places where the wind direction is relatively fixed, the insect nets on the windward side windows are better than those on the leeward side windows. For a naturally ventilated greenhouse with side windows and skylights, insect-proof nets can be installed on the side windows and skylights at the same time to achieve better results.


Greenhouses for breeding and scientific research have high requirements for insect control. In addition to installing insect nets at the air inlet and outlet, insect nets should also be installed on the fan outlets. The insect nets for the fan outlets should be installed inside the fan and kept dry. All cracks in the greenhouse should be properly sealed.


Installation requirements for insect screens


The installation of the anti-insect net must be overlapped, clamped or close to the surrounding covering. After installation, it should be flat and without wrinkles, and there should be no gaps between them.

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