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Talking about the selection requirements of vegetable insect-proof net - metal wire mesh panels acting

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Vegetable insect-proof net not only has the function of shading, but also has the function of preventing insects. It is a new type of material to prevent pests in field vegetables. It is mainly used in the nursery and cultivation of vegetables such as cabbage, cabbage heart, summer radish, cabbage, cauliflower, solanaceous fruits, melons, beans, etc. in summer and autumn, which can improve the emergence rate, seedling rate and seedling quality.


In order to achieve the desired purpose, the following requirements should be followed when choosing vegetable insect-proof nets.


(1) Density


The density of the insect screen is usually expressed by the number of meshes, that is, the number of holes per square inch. According to the types and sizes of the main pests of greenhouse crops, the suitable mesh number of greenhouse insect nets is 20 to 50 meshes. The specific mesh number should be selected and designed according to the types and sizes of the main pests and diseases.


metal wire mesh panels acting


(2) Select according to the characteristics of pests


Choose the type of anti-insect net according to the length of time the crop is infested by insects and the type of insects. If the crop is only exposed to pests for a short period of time, you can choose a lightweight and easy-to-declare insect-proof net; if the crop suffers from different insects in different periods, you should choose the corresponding number of insect-proof nets according to the characteristics of small pests.


(3) Strength


The strength of the vegetable insect-proof net is related to the material used, the weaving method and the size of the holes. The strength of the metal net is higher than the insect-proof net made of other materials, and the insect-proof net should have certain wind resistance.


(4) Specifications


The width of the product series is 800mm, 1000mm, 1100mm, 1600mm, 1900mm, 2500mm, etc. The specific specifications of the width and length of the product can also be negotiated between the supplier and the user.


(5) Service life


Insect nets made of polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon and other materials should have a certain degree of anti-aging ability, and their service life should not be less than 3 years under the conditions of use according to the product instructions.


(6) Color


The color of the insect screen should be mainly white and colorless and transparent, and it can also be black or silver gray. White and colorless insect nets have good light transmittance, black insect nets have good shading effect, and silver gray insect nets have good aphid avoidance.


(7) Material


The materials used to make insect-proof nets should have moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, UV-resistant and aging-resistant capabilities, and should comply with the relevant regulations of the guo family's material standards.

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