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What are the specifications of commonly used greenhouse insect screens? - commercial hail netting supplier

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With the expansion of the vegetable greenhouse anti-insect net market, there are now a wide variety of greenhouse insect-proof nets on the market, with different sizes and sizes, whether it is mesh or color, there are many styles. The effect of insect-proof nets with different colors and meshes is also different. What are the specifications of the greenhouse insect screen?


The anti-insect nets for greenhouses can have various specifications according to the number of meshes, wire diameters, colors, and widths. In production, the meshes of the corresponding specifications should be selected according to the conditions of the vegetable field, the needs of different crops, seasons, and the control objects.


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Pay attention to the number of insect-proof nets (ie the number of holes with a length of 2.54 cm). The smaller the number, the larger the mesh, the worse the insect-proof effect; the more the mesh, the smaller the mesh, but the higher the shading rate, which affects ventilation and cooling , The mesh is too dense, but it is unfavorable to the growth and development of crops.


Insect nets can be divided into 20 meshes, 24 meshes, 30 meshes, 40 meshes and other specifications according to the number of meshes.


According to the width, it can be divided into specifications ranging from 100 to 360 cm.


According to the wire diameter, it can be divided into specifications ranging from 0.14 to 0.18 mm.


According to the color, it can be divided into black, white, silver gray, green and variegated specifications.


At present, the most widely used anti-insect nets are 20-40 meshes, the wire diameter is 0.18 mm, the width is 1.2-3.6 meters, and the color is mostly white.

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